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HYDE Recruitment services in the United Kingdom. When you're looking to outsource the hiring process to a trusted partner.

Recruitment Solutions

F&B | Hospitality | Healthcare | Retail
Commercial Cleaning Services Construction Labour & Trade


What Sets Us Apart

HYDE Recruitment Ltd. is a market-leading specialist supplier of both a Temporary and Permanent workforce, providing a fully managed and cost-effective staffing solution for businesses nationwide.


Operating an industry-leading and fully managed recruitment service, HYDE Recruitment Ltd. understands the importance of an adaptable and accessible recruitment solution with the infrastructure to provide high volumes of staff without compromising the caliber or lead time expected.


With a strong presence across the UK, HYDE Recruitment Ltd. supports Small, Medium, and Large businesses nationwide with a well-equipped and dedicated workforce to support each business’s individual needs.


From screening our dedicated candidates with our in-depth robust recruitment process and workforce assessments to running a fully managed and inclusive payroll service, HYDE Recruitment Ltd. will go above and beyond your expectations.

Areas of Expertise

Hiring staff for restaurant, F&B business in the UK

Food & Beverage

Help with hiring within commercial cleaning services in the Uk

Commercial Cleaning Services

Recruiting staff in hospitality industry in the UK. Looking for staff to hotels and restaurants.


HYDE Recruitment helps you in the process of hiring new staff in the retail industry. Whatever your store may be.


Recruiting doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals in London and other cities in the Uk


Recruiting construction workers to help in renovation projects in the UK. HYDE Recruitment helps you find the right individuals for your business

Construction Labour
& Trade

Recruitment Service

Outsourcing the whole recruitment process to HYDE effectively enhances your employment. Read more about how we can help you below!

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Enhancing the effectiveness and flexibility of the hiring procedure.

Psychometric Testing

Evaluating a candidates' personality and cognitive abilities which can predict relevant information from a candidate's reaction, such as job performance, competence and motivations.

Candidate Screening

Demonstrating whether a candidate genuinely possesses the abilities needed in the position will depend on how well they meet the credentials, skills, references and experience requirements.

HYDE Recruitment offers customized recruitment solutions to your businesses needs in the hiring process. Our aim is to provide the best possible service, that brings you the right staff and boosts employment.

Head Office​

41 Devonshire Street | Ground Floor

London | W1G 7AJ | United Kingdom

Contact Us​

Tel: +44 207 965 7393


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